9 Blogs To A Stronger Faith

Recently I discovered that an old friend, Mark (not his real name), turned from Christianity to atheism.  This I found to be quite surprising, as he used to seem quite interested in God.  In fact, he co-wrote several Christian type songs with me, one of which, Her Eyes, I recorded and to this day is still one of my all-time favorites (so much so that I played it for my wife-to-be on our first date).

What happened?  Suspecting that something just had to be different after periodically checking his Facebook page and seeing that there were a lot of pro-evolution type posts, I decided to just ask him.  I did so by posting a link to this music video poem I’d recently written, Never Enter If Evolve There We Must, on his Facebook page and asked his opinion of it.  Mark and I then started some Facebook discussions and he was quite open about why he changed and why he believes what he does today.  I’m still in shock, actually, because the reasons he gave for giving up on God make no sense to me.

Mark told me essentially that he slowly got away from seeking God.  Fair enough. He was alarmed at first realizing this distancing and made efforts to reaffirm his faith.  But upon further analyzing the situation he concluded that life was no better or no worse, with or without God!  That is one of the things I find amazing. Because I remember the time, and where I was, when I seriously accepted Jesus and took a personal vow to seek and follow him.  It was during a “hit bottom” type experience in my life and I can honestly say that my life has progressively gotten better and better ever since.  To the point where it’s almost like I’m living a dream.

Just yesterday I wrote a blog about Living The Good Life, because I’m so impressed and grateful for what a blessed life I live.  And as I said in the blog, it has nothing to do with deserving anything good, but all to do with a good and generous God.

But Mark also says that unless God’s existence can be proved, he cannot believe it.  Science today is going for the “if it’s not observable or measurable” line so that any supernatural hypotheses are quickly thrown out because they are not “provable.”

After conversing with Mark and reading some articles on evolution, the thing that really hit me was coming to the stark realization just how much mainstream science today believes, as “fact,” that our existence has naturalistic causes (the “fact of evolution”).  I knew all this already, but for some reason it really struck hard just how widespread this belief system is and, in a somewhat depressing sense, just how difficult it is to go up against this majority current.  Of course, we know the story about David and Goliath and so many other “against all odds” type stories in the Bible so why I felt so concerned I couldn’t put a handle on.

It really comes down to this:  By what standards would we determine that confidence in science as the revealer of truth is reasonable, but that faith in God is not?  Honestly, if a true scientist can’t consider the overwhelming “evidence” in support of the “God exists” theory to the point of considering it a “fact” too, then I’d say there is definitely a double-standard in place.

You can’t tell me that we have to throw out supernatural explanations just because not all supporting evidence is “observable and measurable.”  There are a lot of things scientifically accepted today that don’t meet the observable and measurable criteria (that we evolved from sea worms for one).  Science is not the only source of truth – and that it is cannot be proven by scientific method.

There is a definite bias against supernatural explanations (even if the evidence is credible), which will really limit science if we keep on this course.  It’s surely not scientific to discount the supernatural.

So I started writing some blogs about some of the things that aren’t discussed in the science books and articles, and put them on a website called Science Jargon.  Here’s a sample:

  1. The Problem With Science Today
  2. Probability of Man’s Evolution
  3. Microevolution or Macroevolution?
  4. The Hypothesis of God’s Existence
  5. The Edge of a Flat Earth’s Ocean
  6. The Fact of Evolution
  7. From Intelligent Design or Stupid Slime
  8. It Is All Mostly Faith Anyway
  9. Sorry, That’s Not Science

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