Never Enter If Evolve There We Must

Could life as we know it really evolve?

Seems like the greatest of mysteries to solve.

On one hand a master designer created,

Or from primordial soup we regenerated.


With eons of time and natural selection,

The earth became full like a rampant infection.

Since life thrives all over we consider it ease,

That spontaneous abundance can come like a breeze.



With such a wealth of life it should not seem fantastic,

That life must exist in the outer galactic.

Though search as we may to the farthest star,

We have yet to find signals of life from afar.


Yet credible sources witness many a sighting,

Of unidentified objects traveling speeds of lighting.

We’ve seen ghosts appear and move about,

We’ve conjured up spirits, a body without.


The spiritual domain you can hardly reject,

Many have seen it and felt its effect.

From antiquity captured in art and writings,

Continued to present fascination and sightings.


So back to the question of Creator or luck,

Design or chance, from God or from muck.

The mystical world throws a wrench in the notion,

That angels evolved from a primitive ocean.


Another world hidden from our longing view,

Occasional glimpses of its inhabitants come through.

Maybe we go there when we bite the dust,

Or never enter if evolve there we must.


–DJ Minteer


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