My Monkey’s Uncle

The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”  Psalms 53:1

Design or Darwin, creator or chance?,
Side-stepping God, the never ending dance

While the weakened mind imagined a maker,
The complexity of life was “selected” by nature

That designs have a designer, a silly religion,
Yet evolving rocks became dinosaurs, then a pigeon

Food for the soul, once sought from heaven,
Thanks to satellite TV, brainwashed 24-7

That God exists, the cruelest joke,
Yet Origin of Species with mirrors and smoke

The flood of Noah, a fairy tale,
Yet my monkey’s uncle, your brother-in-law “Dale”

The ways of the Bible, surely outdated,
The idea of marriage long overrated

Adam and Eve, only mythical romance,
While Adam and Steve ensure human advance

God’s written word, but poppycock,
While billions of years made you from a rock

That man was once smarter, a foolish debate,
Mankind at his best, the latest faith

The need for a Savior, the idea despised,
Yet today’s happy pills increasingly devised

At the name of Jesus, every knee will bow,
But with God out of the picture let’s all live for now


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